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Master Books-Elementary Bible & English Grammar Set (4th - 6th) (20-FEB-19=PUB OSI)

Status: Discontinuing
Isbn: 0890518521
Isbn-13: 9780890518526
Speedy#: 094974
CPC Super: Education K-12
CPC Primary: Language Arts
CPC Sub: General
Author: Master Books
Publisher: Master Books
On Hand: 0
Case Qty: 1
Binding: Boxed Set
Price: 39.98
Due Date:
Weight lbs.: 3.6
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Elementary Bible & English Grammar

Course Description

Help Bible history come alive for children so they know these true events that changed the world forever, at the same time they are developing their reading skills. We live in a visually oriented society where people learn from a blend of both text and images. This collection of events and teachings from Scripture explores selected chapters and verses. With the help of maps, photographs, and diagrams, the ancient cultures of the Bible are set in a context that can be readily understood. In addition, specially written teaching helps to educate today’s young reader in understanding the Bible’s meaning and its relevance for everyday life.

We encourage parental involvement, particularly with more mature or difficult biblical concepts, such as salvation. We instruct students to discuss such topics with a parent.

The memory verse should be introduced on Monday. The student should have it memorized and recite it to a parent by Friday.

The New International Version (NIV) is used for the memory verse, but students may use any version of the Bible.

Vocabulary word definitions may vary but should match the context of the words in the text.

Students may begin worksheets at the beginning of the week and complete them as they read the text. Parents may use their discretion with the order of completion.

Activities are a hands-on, fun way to learn the material. They are optional but highly recommended. Some activities may take longer than one day to complete. Parents may want to assign a due date to such activities.

Quizzes are optional and should be assigned at the parent’s discretion. The maturity of the student should determine whether the quizzes are open book.

Additional materials: It is highly recommended that student have a Bible with a concordance and other helps in the version of the parent’s choice. Students will also need several stacks of note cards and miscellaneous materials for the activities.